BeeCampus USA

What is it?

Bee Campus USA is an initiative that works towards promoting dialogue and raising awareness in multiple communities about the key role that pollinators play in the environment and how we as the community can impact the health of pollinators in a beneficial way towards a healthier habitat.  Bee Campus USA promotes a set of requirements for a campus to gain certification that serve to increase pollinator friendliness on campuses and around the community.  Bee Campus USA is  aiming to become a national movement and is reaching out towards college students and faculty to spread the word and gain traction across the states.

The Bee Campus USA certification

The Bee Campus USA certification starts with forming a Bee Campus committee of both students, faculty, and administration. The committee starts initiatives such as hosting awareness events,  establishing pollinator focused student learning and service projects,  and posting information through advertisements and signs to educate and raise awareness. Once the committee gets off of the  ground  the requirements for the Bee Campus certification are to develop a campus pollinator habitat plan and to continue with the previous activities.  for more information on Bee Campus USA, check out the Xerces Society and their initiatives at other campuses in the US at

The Committee

The UNC Committee has been pushed by a variety of UNC faculty and students from the Carolina Beekeeping Club, graduate students and multiple campus organizations.  The committee was formed in the fall of 2018 to ensure that UNC meets the expectations for certification and since then has raised pollinator awareness through club activities and signage. The committee also has big plans for the future, including various Edible Campus programs, a pollinator hotel workshop, and moving the CBC hives onto campus.