Committee Members


Bryn Walker, Committee Chair, CBC President

Bryn Walker is a Junior Food Studies and Anthropology double major with a minor in Sustainability Studies. In addition to her work with bees, she is involved in the Edible Campus Initiative as a volunteer.


Amy Armbruster, 3 Zeros Research and Outreach Manager

Amy has worked as an environmental educator, a recycling education coordinator, and teaching at UNC-Greensboro about recycling.  She has a BA in Biology and Environmental Studies and a Masters in Applied Geography.


Laura Mindlin, Edible Campus Coordinator

Laura has a BA in Environmental Studies and Latin American Studies. She has been involved in efforts such as managing woodland, research on biodiversity loss, and agricultural practices throughout the Americas.


Geneva Green, Grounds

Geneva is a member of the UNC grounds team and has worked towards UNC’s progression to a Pollinator friendly campus through promoting no mow zones and native pollinator plants to foster growth.


Sally Hoyt, Energy Services

Sally is a storm water engineer at UNC who has worked on the environmental side of the campus through projects such as re-purposing ponds in old golf courses to become environmentally friendly habitats.


Amy Singleton, Business Service Coordinator

Amy has a BS in communication and English, and has worked on multiple initiatives within UNC to further both student and faculty organizations. She manages a couple of honeybee hives and 11 chickens that rule the roost.


Allen Hurlbert, Professor of Biology

Allen is a biology professor at UNC who runs multiple ecological labs around campus. He also oversees numerous citizens science projects and ecological surveys around Chapel Hill.


Laetitia Meyrueix, Nutrition Doctoral Student

Laetitia is a PhD candidate from the Department of Nutrition at UNC. She does research in Nutritional Biochemistry, Epigenetics, and Developmental Biology.



Chris Apple, Community Partner from OCBA

Chris is a director at the Orange County Beekeepers Association and master beekeeper who has helped the CBC reach out to local beekeepers and work towards the pollinator friendly campus.




Caleb Shuda, Bryn’s Assistant

Caleb is an enigma to the sciences as he can not be understood  by either the physical or metaphysical.  Not much is known about him other than that he serves as Bryn’s assistant in the committee and CBC.