Pollinator Palace Design Competition


The goal of this competition is to design a Pollinator Palace, such as the ones displayed in the images, to house different kinds of pollinators on UNC’s campus. A Pollinator Palace is  generally a large structure that is designed with the intent to serve as a safe place for pollinators to live and lay their eggs. With UNC’s recent Bee Campus USA certification we have been working to increase pollinator awareness and to create a campus that not only helps pollinators to survive, but also to thrive. The winning Design will be installed on campus in August 2019.


All levels of design are accepted and encouraged from amateur to master. We hope to see as many designs as we can and look forward to seeing what the community has to offer the pollinators that inhabit Chapel Hill. The competition is only open to UNC students, faculty, and staff.

Site Images:

This is a photograph of the site in Battle Grove, marked by an orange flag near to the lamp post.


  • Must have a level base attachment that keeps the structure 2’ off ground
  • Must be no taller than 5’ tall (base included), with a maximum footprint of 9 square feet
  • Must be able to be viewed from all sides- keep in mind aesthetic considerations
  • Must have a roof to keep off rain/snow
  • May not contain chemical/pressure treated wood
  • May not contain paint or other toxic materials/chemicals (natural materials are preferred)
  • Must contain a variety of different materials in boxed shelves, and the materials should be removable
  • Must be impermanent, maintained for a three to four years and taken down


The competition opens April 22nd, and closes May 24th . The winning design will be announced at the end of May. The winner will be notified beforehand so the design can be constructed before the end of August 2019.

How do you win?

The following will be the Judging criteria:

  • Design must meet all the outlined specifications and the accompanying form must be submitted
  • Design must cater to a variety of native pollinators, and an explanation of this is required
  • Must look aesthetically pleasing
  • Person who submits the design must also have the ability to construct it, may enlist help from personal contacts if needed
  • Must fit within budget of $300
  • Looking for originality combined with consideration for the site and the purpose of the structure, how is it situated within the environment?
  • Please note that the judging panel reserves the right to refrain from choosing any designs, if none of the entries meet the given standards.

How to Submit Your design?

You can either fill out the form with the link provided or use the PDF of the from to fill out  physical copy to mail in to the address below.


Pollinator Palace Form




Submit designs to: cbeecatunc@gmail.com or to

Sally Hoyt, Energy Services

925 Branch Street

Campus Box 1855

Chapel Hill, NC 27599